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Get rewarded for helping your friends own their greatness and build a powerful authentic personal brand. 

Working behind the Hollywood scenes, Richard has been extremely blessed to work with hundreds of people creating a major impact. Now, we want to get his teaching into the hands of more people. 


While building your career, you've connected with people with valuable information and stories to share, and we've found the best way to reach people who are ready to step into their greatness are really start making an impact, is through an introduction from someone they trust.

Our ambassador program makes it very easy for you to get rewarded for introducing us to potential authors in your network.

The program is split into two groups. The first group focuses on major influencers and organizations where we partner to promote PBM Online to your community through a deep marketing integration. Richard typically runs these 10-12 times per year and they focus on industry niches such as Real Estate Agents, Actors, Authors etc. If you have a substantial email list in a focused niche and would like to learn more about partnering please contact [email protected]

The second group is established for those who are able to refer a small number of clients (between 1-50 per year) and details for this program are listed below.


You can take this fee in cash, have us donate it to a charity you care about, or apply it as credit towards a future book with us


For each person you refer to our online course, we will pay you a referral fee of $100. 


For each person you refer who joins Richard's Mastermind Group, we will pay you a referral fee of $500.


For each person you refer who joins Richard's Elite one-on-one coaching, we will pay you a referral fee of $1,000.


There are currently three ways to study with Richard. Through his Personal Brand Masters Online digital product, as part of his quarterly PBM Mastermind Group, or as a one-on-one PBM Elite client where you get full access to Richard for a full year.


Here's a real-world example of how the Ambassador Program works.

1. Guy Signs Up as an Ambassador
As an acting coach in Los Angeles he has a big network and a substantial social media following. Guy understands the power of actors being true to their voice so signs up as an ambassador.

2. We Helped Guy Assess His Network
Guy immediately has access to a unique code that he can use to drive people to Personal Brand Masters Online where he can earn $100 for each person who then buys the product. If Guy is interested in selling the Group coaching ($500 commission) or Elite coaching ($1,000 commission) he then emails [email protected]

3. Guy shares the Personal Brand Masters programs
Guy can immediately share the online program and start earning money or after a brief call with the team to assess suitability to sell the Group or Elite coaching, we provide him with the emails and assets to use with his network. His network start to click on the link and purchase the program. 

4. Guy gets paid and his network becomes more powerful!
Guy logs into his dashboard at to see how many people from his network have signed up. 30 Days after they join, Guy gets a check. Six months afterwards Guy's network is rocking their social media and becoming a huge power group.



Q. What will I have to do?

Our goal is to keep your commitments as minimal as possible. For most ambassadors, that involves sharing some basic information about your network, allowing our team to review and create a plan, and then sending out a small number of high value (non salesy emails) . We do all the busywork of writing the content and getting everything ready. All you have to do is hit send.

Q. What if I have other ideas about how to promote
That's great. Although our goal is to avoiding putting too much work on our Ambassadors, we are always open to creative ideas. We've had Ambassadors give speeches, run social media campaigns, and do all sorts of other creative marketing to help refer more people to the program.


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