Richard Janes is a personal brand expert with a passion for storytelling. His unique approach to personal branding has launched, revived, and catapulted the careers of many actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs. He takes a holistic view of personal branding, believing that a personal brand can only be successful if implemented through every part of a person’s life, and that the key to a successful personal brand is it's growth from an individual's unique life purpose.

In 2010, Richard became one of Hollywood’s go-to social media mavens, working to develop online brands and to build powerful relationships directly between celebrities and their fans. Through his strategy and insight, his clients have amassed considerable influence in their chosen fields, using their unique gifts and abilities to increase personal wealth and live a more authentic life. 

After a serious illness forced Richard to take stock of his own life, Richard created a process called the Minimum Viable Person™,a system inspired by Silicon Valley’s Minimum Viable Product. In adopting the MVP lifestyle, a person is able to define their life purpose, set a mission, take a series of low-risk high-reward steps to implementing their purpose, and then quickly validate the positive impact their new personal brand is having in all aspects of their life.

Richard works one-on-one with private clients over a one-month period where they meet over six sessions to identify the key pillars of their personal brand and implement their new MVP Lifestyle. Richard has also taken to the stage at various conferences and speaking events across North America and around the world. Aside from personal branding, Richard continues to provide strategic oversight to Fanology, the Hollywood-based social media and digital studio he founded in 2010. He sits on a number of startup boards, flexes his love of storytelling through various writing, directing, and acting projects. He is a dedicated father of two, husband to one and MVP champion to all.


There are currently three ways to work with Richard. Through his Personal Brand Masters Online digital product, as part of his quarterly PBM Mastermind Group, or as a one-on-one PBM Elite client where you get full access to Richard for a full year.


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